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August Star Buy - Himac Micro Ultracentrifuge

Our Star Buy for August is the Himac Micro Ultracentrifuge.

This centrifuge CS-(F)NX Series has extraordinarily high speeds of up to 1,050,000 x g (140,000 rpm), plus fast acceleration and deceleration ramps.

This micro-ultracentrifuge ensures speedy separation of samples such as nucleic acids, proteins, protein complexes, vesicles and viruses in vessels between 0.2 – 30 mL.

For security, this product also has the ability to hide operating functions behind a password therefore protecting your data.

Buy Now - £41,760

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25% Off First Aid Products!

With many people returning back to the workplace, we want to make sure your first aid kit is complete, in date and fit for purpose.


At SLS we have a full range of first aid kits for the workplace and travel.


Our full range includes AEDs, burn kits, eyewash stations, refills, bandages, plasters and more.  


View offers - Don't miss out!

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July Star Buy - Axygen® tips and reagent reservoirs for automation systems

Our Star Buy for July is the Axygen® tips and reagent reservoirs for automation systems.

Up to 55% OFF!

Whilst stocks last!

Buy now - From £157.25

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Supelco Analytical Products - Safety Inside

Daily Safety, risk prevention and emergency help that meet your high expectations

Supelco combines ingenious products and packaging solutions with individual support to keep you safe, simplify your lab work, and help you save resources. 

Supelco offers 350 years of experience in handling and designing pakcaging for hazardous goods, so you can enjoy unrivaled safety standards and application oriented foresight. 

Their specially developed packaging materials ensure you work safely even during critical applications. 

See the full range below


DWK - Tips for safely heating laboratory glassware

Heating laboratory glassware still requires care, even where products are designed specifically for use in such an environment.

There are a few reasons for this. Firstly, not all laboratory glassware will be of the same specification. For example, borosilicate laboratory glassware provides a far lower co-efficient of expansion than other glass types such as Soda Lime glassware, which is also commonly used in the lab.

While products in the latter group are still suitable for a range of applications, it is important to consider the chemical suitability of the glass itself when subjecting it to heat.

Secondly, not all laboratory glassware is manufactured to the same quality standards. Even within a category such as borosilicate glass, the quality of the raw materials used and key factors like the consistency of glass thickness can vary, with premium laboratory and scientific glassware brands such as Duran, Wheaton, Pyrex and Kimble offering more reliable heat resistance.

Finally, the way laboratory glass is heated also has a big impact on safety, regardless of the product used.

Here are some tips for safe glass heating to follow in the lab.


Eppendorf - The Tip of the Iceberg: How Pipette Tips Influence Results

There is more to pipetting than the simple transfer of small amounts of liquid.

The exact and coordinated interaction between pipette and pipette tip is of critical importance.

Both components, each on its own as well as together as a system, must meet high quality standards to be able to deliver reliable, precise and reproducible results.

Discover more about the influence of the appropriate pipette tips can have on the pipetting result.


SLS - Kimberly-Clark Embraces Sustainability with The RightCycle™ Programme

Launched by Kimberly-Clark Professional™ in 2011, The RightCycle™ Programme is the first manufacturer-led programme to turn previously hard-to-recycle items into new consumer goods.  

When they created the programme, they began with a simple question: How can we help our customers divert PPE from the landfill and transform it into something new and useful?  

Ten years later, this revolutionary service has helped divert over 1,400 metric tonnes of waste for more than 800 customers.  

Through The RightCycle™ Programme, labs and cleanrooms can reach their sustainability goals, support zero waste to landfill initiatives, reduce waste disposal costs and protect the planet for future generations.  

Products you can trust to be a part of this programme.  

All Kimtech™ Nitrile Gloves Kimtech™

A5 Cleanroom Coverall Kimtech™

A5 iHAM Kimtech™

A7 / A7+ Lab Coat Kimtech™

A8 Breathable & Particle Protection Coverall 

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We've Partnered with One Tree Planted to Plant 2500 Trees

As part of our recent catalogue launch, we’ve planted 2500 trees in partnership with One Tree Planted, reducing our carbon footprint. We have planted over double the number of trees required to offset the carbon emitted in the production and delivery of our catalogue through this initiative.


June Star Buy - Sartorius Pipette Trade In offers

Our Star Buy for June is the Sartorius Pipette Trade In offers!

Now is the time to trade-in your old pipettes for the most ergonomic electronic or mechanical pipettes available!

For every new Sartorius pipette bought at these unbeatable low offer prices an old pipette must be returned to Sartorius by using the Free Pipette Return Service.

Save up to 40% on your new pipette.

View the range

To find out how you can trade-in your old pipettes view below

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SLS Expands Operations with Two New Acquisitions

We are pleased to announce the acquisition of two businesses, Gem Scientific and Northern Balance, to expand our product and service offerings. Both companies will continue to operate as independent entities and retain all employees, whilst harnessing SLS’s business support and infrastructure to benefit all parties, stakeholders and customers.   


Back2Basics OUT NOW!

NEW Back 2 Basics brochure OUT NOW!

It's bursting with exciting and exclusive offers for your laboratory.

View the offers on our website or download a PDF here.

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A Scientific Laboratory Show & Conference to remember!

With over 1,200 in attendance, this show was a special reunion for many!  

Highlights included the opportunity to mingle with fellow scientists, learn new ideas from inspiring speakers and hands-on demonstrations! All whilst discovering the latest products and consumables for the laboratory. Delegates were greeted by 80 exhibition stalls, virtual reality booths, games, liquid nitrogen ice cream and a Professional Development Zone delivered in conjunction with the Science Council.  

The day also featured fantastic keynote speeches from Dr Tara Shine, Professor Richard Wiseman and renowned Professor Sir Martyn Poliakoff.  

We'd like to thank everyone who contributed to making the show such a success, including our wonderful suppliers, speakers, delegates, and the SLS team.  

The show website will shortly feature photo galleries, video highlights, and testimonials.


Our Brand New Catalogue is Out Now!

As the UK’s largest independent supplier of laboratory equipment, chemicals and consumables, we offer our customers a tailored and flexible approach to sourcing their scientific requirements.

We at SLS, just like our customers, are passionate about providing Sustainable Laboratory Solutions and that includes our catalogue production. All of our hard copy promotional material is produced on FSC certified paper, ensuring our activity doesn’t negatively impact the environment.

To go one step further we’ve also planted 2500 trees in partnership with One Tree Planted, further reducing our carbon footprint. We have planted over double the number of trees required to offset the carbon emitted in the production and delivery of this catalogue through this initiative.

Over 15,500 products all in one place!

Over 1500 completely NEW!

Compact size - taking up less space and easier to handle and more environmentally friendly!

Read online or request your copy below.

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Important Changes to Merck Wet & Dry Ice and other Freight Charges

Due to recent changes implemented by Merck we, regretfully, must increase our Merck Wet & Dry Ice Charges with effect from May 1st.

The new Ice Charge of Euro 40.00 will be applied from this date. Merck have also removed the threshold for free deliveries for all customers.

From May 1st, all deliveries, regardless of value, will be subject to a delivery charge of Euro 25.00.

If you need any further information or clarification, please speak to your local Territory Manager or call any of the SLS team.

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How to use Jointed Glassware Safely

Many traditional chemistry assemblies found in the lab require connected pieces of equipment.

Distillation, extraction, filtration and reflux processes all require various complexities of laboratory glassware assemblies, for example, and while many of the scientists who helped develop these techniques had to resort to custom made glassware, bungs and rubber tubing to connect items, the invention of interchangeable jointed glassware has meant many more - and safer - options are now available.

In this blog, we will look at the various types of jointed glassware available, where each type is most commonly used, and explore some basic techniques for its safe maintenance.


April Star Buy - Accuris SmartReader UV-Vis Microplate Absorbance Reader

Our Star Buy for April is the Accuris SmartReader UV-Vis Microplate Absorbance Reader!

The Accuris SmartReader™ UV-Vis Microplate Reader (model MR9610) has been designed with ease-of-use and fast results in mind.

This instrument brings extensive capabilities to the lab bench and is designed for the busy lab with multiple users.

The large touch screen command center is extremely user-friendly and allows for fast set up of new protocols, as well as modifying and running existing protocols.

Buy now - £13,995

Click here to see product specifications.

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Cut costs, deliver results - Save up to €8300 over five years with CellXpert CO2 incubators

Did you know that running costs for a CO2-incubator easily excel its purchase price over time? Often hidden, costs are significant for regular replacement of fan-associated HEPA-filters or UV lamps, loss of lab space because of low vessel capacity, high gas consumption, or lack of flexibility for future lab needs. Also, increased lab downtime risk and potential sample loss due to unreliable contamination prevention can add significant costs.  

Cut costs, deliver results with CellXpert® CO2-incubators from Eppendorf.

Use this handy calculator to find out exactly how much you could save!

The CellXpert® CO2-incubators are currently on offer in our latest FOCUS brochure, take a look here and save up to 20%!

Download our free whitepaper: CO2  Incubators – Making the Best Choice for Your Lab


SLS Donates to the British Red Cross for Ukraine

We have recently donated £1000 to the British Red Cross, to support their Ukraine Crisis Appeal.  

The donation was a result of fundraising at our recent National Sales meeting which raised £380. The company matched this donation and then increased to £1000.  

A big thank you goes to all who contributed at the NSM and our thoughts go out to everyone affected in the war in Ukraine.

SLS Wins Lonza Distributor Award – Best Channel Partner

We’re delighted to say we have received this award for our continued partnership and co-operation with Lonza throughout 2021.

Our efforts have resulted in fantastic results for the Lonza portfolio and therefore they have been awarded the Best Channel Partner award.

View the Lonza range here.


How to Autoclave Plastic Bottles

A variety of common laboratory processes require the use of a sterile container. However, if you are using laboratory plasticware, it is important to consider several factors before the container is placed in an autoclave.

Here are six questions to ask yourself before you autoclave plastic bottles to ensure the process is carried out in a safe and effective way.


British Science Week Giveaway

Keep an eye on our social media profiles from 11-20th March as we celebrate British Science Week by giving away an SLS Lab Pro Unstirred Water Bath worth over £500 and made in Britain!

Simply find one of our British Science Week posts, like and share it and make sure you're following us and you will be entered into the prize draw.

Full Terms and Conditions below.


Webinar: Essentials in Centrifugation - Better Safe than Sorry!

Join Eppendorf on March 17th at 10am, register below!

Centrifugation is an ubiquitous method that helps separating mixtures by applying centrifugal force – each application involves different requirements regarding speed, volume or vessel type.  A centrifuge is a device, generally driven by an electric motor, that puts an object, e.g., a rotor, in a rotational movement around a fixed axis. Rotors spin very rapidly and generate extreme forces. It's therefore crucial to understand the principles of centrifugation to proper prepare for your next centrifugation experiment. 

Eppendorf introduced its very first centrifuge in 1964 and revolutionized life science research practices worldwide. With a range of centrifuges that goes from Minispin to Floorstanding Ultras, Eppendorf name remains synonymous with creative design, innovative technology and reliable performance that stand the test of time. In this webinar, they share precious knowledge with you and bring to you all essentials that you need to know for successful centrifugation experiments.  

In this webinar, the following topics will be covered: 

1. Basics of centrifugation

2. Tips & tricks on centrifugation such for different workflows, vessels, rotor types and adapters

3. Things that are good to know before the you go to your next centrifugation such as protocol transfer, safety aspects, aerosols & device maintenance

Participate if you are a young scientist who is new to the lab. This webinar will also be a refresher for more senior researchers or anyone who is interested in centrifugation.

Download FREE Whitepaper: Routine Maintenance of Centrifuges

Download Application Note: Time savings as well as improved reproducibility through centrifugation at 30,000 x g

Download Application Note: Faster Isolation of PBMC Using Ficoll-Paque® Plus in the Eppendorf Multipurpose Benchtop Centrifuges 5920 R and 5910 Ri


Analab rebrands as Scientific Laboratory Supplies (SLS)

Analab is rebranding its name, logo and visual identity from March 2022 to that of its parent company Scientific Laboratory Supplies (SLS).

The new brand identity comes after the acquisition of Analab by SLS in 2016. SLS are the UK & Ireland’s leading independent supplier of laboratory products and are partnered with some of the world's most recognisable brands in science, bringing the best laboratory equipment, consumables, and chemicals to our customers. In addition to our own SLS Select, SLS Lab Basics, SLS Lab Pro and SLS Flowgen brands, we have partnerships with Merck, Eppendorf, Corning, Honeywell & Thermo Scientific to name a few. Our customers rely on them to source and supply the highest quality best value products to advance their scientific goals.


March Star Buy - Stratus Microplate Reader

Our Star Buy for March is the Stratus Microplate Reader!

The Stratus plate reader is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and allows for measurement collection in small spaces, on shared or modular benchtops, and even in restrictive environments, like anaerobic or microaerophilic chambers and incubators.

Its uniquely simple, standalone interface and on-board data storage allow it to be placed anywhere, with or without a computer. This product also includes: USB cable and power adapter, 16 GB microSD card and 1 year of firmware upgrades.

Buy now from - £3,500.00

Make SLS your supplier of choice!

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How to Clean Laboratory Glassware Safely

Laboratory glassware has frequent contact with a range of substances on a repeated basis and ensuring that equipment can be re-used safely requires a robust cleaning process. Effective cleaning also helps to prolong the life of the products you used and protects the validity of future work. The act of cleaning glassware for reuse is often referred to as re-processing and can be carried out manually, with the use of automated washing equipment or a combination of both.

This blog outlines the core steps to effective re-processing as well as general tips for cleaning glassware safely.


SLS Lab Basic Pipettes Included in Bioskills at Home Kits

In August 2020, our SLS Lab Basic single channel pipettes were used by Nottingham Trent University in their "Bioskills at home" kit.

With limitations on access to laboratory time due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the kit was developed to create opportunities for first year undergraduate students to develop these skills using online support resources to guide their activities and build communities of learning.


February Star Buy - Portwest P200 Unvalved Respirator Face Mask

Our Star Buy for February is the Portwest P200 Unvalved Respirator Face Mask - FFP2!

This mask is highly recomended by our sales rep Kez who says this product is ideal for covid protection and everyday use. It protects against fine toxic dust, fumes, and water based mists. It can also be used in concentrations of contaminants up to 10 times the WEL.

Ultrasound welded elastic straps and a large inner space help the user breathe more easily when wearing for longer periods of time.

Buy now - £29.20 PK20

Make SLS your supplier of choice for Safety!

Find out more about new catalogue and subsite here.

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New Safety Catalogue and Subsite

We are delighted to announce the launch of our very first Safety Catalogue and Safety Subsite. Our Safety Specialist Kez Creswell has introduced twenty new suppliers to our already established portfolio, which means that we now have a range of products to cater for all businesses and budgets.

We distribute PPE from all the leading brands such as, Uvex, Globus, 3M, Ansell, Bolle, JSP, Kimberley Clark, Dupont to name but a few, as well as having distribution partners that complement the premium brands in our range.

Kez had this to say: “We can supply all your laboratory PPE needs, but we can also offer products required in manufacturing, processing, warehousing, logistics which may all be part of your overall business processes / workflow.”

Find out more below.

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Request a Rep and Win an Amazon Voucher!

Request a virtual visit from your local rep and you could win a £50 Amazon voucher!

Simply email with your name, your company name and your contact details to be in with a chance.

Your local rep will then get in touch with you.

Terms and Conditions below.


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