Innovaprep Sample Prep Made Simple

Simple, Effective Sample Collection and Concentration Tools for Metagenomic Epidemiology!

Simple, rapid, and highly efficient recovery of genetic material from environmental samples is key for isolating and characterizing organisms from any biome whether for metagenomic research, epidemiology, or biosurveillance of any kind.  

InnovaPrep’s fieldable solutions provide fast, easy, and efficient delivery of highly concentrated microorganisms and pairs with any molecular or sequencing platform. The FluidPrep™ and AirPrep™ tools are highly versatile to suit any biosurveillance application in the lab or the field.

The Concentrating Pipette™ (CP Select)

Rapid Concentration and instant recovery of microorganisms from large environmental liquid volumes, including raw wastewater:

Fast - Concentration takes just minutes. 
Easy - Reduces sample handling

Safe - Fits in a biosafety cabinet.

Exponential concentration factors provide improved sensitivity.

Find out how the Innovaprep Concentrating Pipette is used for the International Space Station (ISS).

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