Revolutionise Your Research and Unlock the Full Potential of Peltier Technology with the Memmert HPPeco Constant Climate Chambers

The use of advanced Peltier technology in the Memmert HPPeco constant climate chambers has revolutionised laboratory research.

As a technology leader in Peltier equipment, Memmert has set new standards for energy efficiency and reliability. The high-precision control system ensures a homogeneous and stable distribution of temperature and humidity, even in challenging conditions.

The inclusion of a new micro-dosing pump and smart control technology allows for precise and quick humidification of the chamber's interior. These features make the HPPeco range an invaluable product for researchers in various fields, such as cell cultureprotein purification, and drug development.

Overall, the use of advanced Peltier technology in the Memmert HPPeco constant climate chamber has greatly improved the accuracy and reproducibility of laboratory experiments.

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