As part of Merck's life science division, Millipore stands as a global leader in the field of filtration and life sciences. Ofering a diverse array of products such as microbiology media, filtration systems, sterile filtration devices, syringe filters, centrifugal concentrators, and testing equipment, Millipore stands as a prominent manufacturer providing reliable and effective lab solutions worldwide.

To further consolidate the Merck SLS relationship, the brand-leading Millipore® filtration lines will now be available alongside the Merck brands of Sigma-Aldrich® and Supelco®.

The inclusion of key filtration lines such as Millex®, Amicon®, Immobilon®, and Stericup®/Steritop® amplifies the range of options available to researchers in areas such as Cell Culture, Chromatography/HPLC, and Protein Purification. This expanded portfolio offering, with its emphasis on protein-focused solutions, sterile filtration, and western blotting, holds immense promise for Life Science researchers seeking innovative tools and technologies.

These key filtration lines will receive dedicated support from SLS's unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service, including direct delivery to end-users from our UK-based warehouses.